Nov 012014

Dental Insurance Expire December 31!

The end of the year will be here before you know it – we are less than two months away from ringing in 2015! One thing you will want to remember is to make sure to use your dental benefits before they expire! Most dental plans expire at the end of the year so don’t spend all year paying for dental benefits that you don’t use!

In the Holly Springs and Raleigh area, there are a few patients of ours who receive, if they’re lucky, a notification letter from their insurance provider about their current dental benefit plans. Generally this letter or message is given to many who have failed to use their benefits throughout the year, and need to respond now to take advantage of these benefits before the year ends. Most insurance providers, not all, allow two dental checkups per year. It’s always best to check with your provider for specifics about your unused health or dental benefits.

Many people are overwhelmed with busy family and work schedules to find the time to make an appointment. But it really is important to stop and take a minute, just for yourself, to call our office at (919) 372-3400 and schedule a cleaning or a dental treatment that you’ve been putting off. Most dental insurance plans do not roll over into the new year. In the past, we’ve actually have had patients who have paid for health benefits throughout the year only to forget to use them.

What about the Deductible?

I was hoping you’d ask that question. Deductibles are the portion of the bill you pay before the insurance kicks in their portion. While the amount of the deductible will vary, it will begin again with each new year. So, for those of you who have put off getting a crown, or a dental cleaning now would be an ideal time to take advantage of this benefit, especially if you’ve maximized the deductible for this year. Otherwise, you may have to wait until next year when you’ll have to start all over again and pay another deductible for 2015.

Regular Use of Dental Benefits Can Prevents Serious Issues

It’s no secret that using dental benefits before they’re gone can help you avoid serious dental issues down the road. Whether you’re close to your deductible or you’re fully covered for 2 dental checkups a year, a dental cleaning can reveal potential problems with oral cancer, gingivitis or cavities. Without a regular dental exam small issues can quickly get bigger. So, don’t let this happen to you, book an appointment now because our openings do fill rather quickly. But even more importantly, do it before those small untreated dental issues become major problems and your smile suffers. We look forward to seeing you soon, and working with you to discuss your insurance plans. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office at your earliest convenience.

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